Jaro Local - Dakini Tangarareh (Album)

Onetox Music


An iconic Solomon Island all male group, that rocked the pacific in 2007 to date. Known for their biggest hit “Ramukanji” , Onetox is a house hold name from happy isles  of  Solomon Islands, throughout the Pacific. They have released over 8 albums with the 9th currently set to release in Late 2018. Be prepared to be transported to the tropics.


Hano Paka (Roro)


From the Bereina District, Central Province of Papua New Guinea comes  Louis Ono  from Mou Village. This being his first Solo Album, consist of songs sung from various local languages, one song in particular, interestingly is sung in the Tuvalu langage from the pacific island nation of Tuvalu. The song “Tiniova’ is a tribute song dedicated to the late Penina Tani from Tuvalu who co-wrote this song with Gabriel Na’u.