New Female Artist Rutz Delivers Debut Single ‘Athsi Nama’


Rutz (real name Ruth Mela), is a young aspiring singer from Papua New Guinea making her long awaited debut as an artist with her first single ‘Athsi Nama’

Born into a music family who have their own band the ‘Gunai Cruz’, made up of her dad, mom, two older brothers and other immediate relatives, singing is something that comes naturally for Rutz. Being the only born female in the family, she takes the leading role as lead vocalist whenever the band is hired out for gigs at the local clubs, pubs or fundraisers. Her eldest brother Michael is the lead guitarist and her other brother is the band’s keyboardist.

Rutz started singing at a tender age of 5 in church, and by the age of 17 took stage as lead vocalist with the family band at gigs, where she would perform covers of her favorite female artists such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Dixie Chicks, Whitney Huston and would also perform hits from the 80’s.  Ruth’s island style of singing is inspired by one of her favorite local artists Moshanti aka Moses Tau, “I love the way he sings”.

Her older Brother Michael is the song writer behind ‘Athsi Nama’.  The song is sung in 3 languages, English and two local languages from Ruth’s home Province. The first verse and Chorus is sung in Motu, the 2nd verse is sung in English and the 2nd Chorus in Babaka language.

Athsi Nama is in Babaka Language and translates to mean “Its Not OK”.

The Song is inspired by a true story from Michael about his past relationship experience in younger years where he was dating a girl from Babaka Village. They dated for a month or so while he was living in the village, but when he left for the city, word followed from his relatives that she had moved on. When his family asked him how he felt about this news he told them “Athsi Nama”, meaning ‘It’s Not OK’. That’s how the song tile came to be.

With the recent passing of Michael’s wife in July 2017, leaving him with 3 kids, the youngest still an infant only two months old. Michael feels this song evokes similar feelings of loss and this song tears him up and now has a double meaning in his life. This song is dedicated to his late wife and to those that leave us suddenly taking with them the hopes and dreams that once was shared with them. Athsi Nama – It’s Not OK.

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Kid Nesian Collabs with International Dancehall Artist Chi Ching Ching


Kid Nesian, the fast rising reggae sensation from Papua New Guinea, has collaborated with international dancehall star Chi Ching Ching for his latest release – “Lalomu”.

It’s been an interesting journey for the young 21 year old reggae singer. It was only 12 months ago when he put out his very first single “Stap Wantaim Yu” with his record label CHM Supersound. And since then his songs have hit no.1 on the Pacific Top 20 Charts, have charted in the Top 10 of the Australian Top 25 Reggae Charts, have received airplay from Reggae radio stations in the US, Europe and Latin America and have dominated radio stations around the South Pacific.

Kid Nesian is excited to be collaborating with the Jamaican dancehall star on his latest release, saying “I’m a big fan of Chi Ching Ching’s music, so I was super excited when he agreed to jump on the track. His style is so unique and I love the energy and vibe he brought to the song.”

Chi Ching Ching, himself a rising star in the Reggae/Dancehall scene, is the first artist signed to Dutty Rock Productions, the label owned and founded by multi-platinum music superstar Sean Paul. He recently featured on Sean Paul’s hit song ‘Crick Neck’ (10M views) and recently toured around Europe with him. Chi Ching Ching will be releasing his own debut album this year.

“Lalomu” is an Island/Jawaiian reggae track that features beautiful harmonies and RnB vocals from Kid Nesian fused with Jamaican stylings from Chi Ching Ching. It is sung in both English and Motu. “Lalomu” is a Motu/PNG expression meaning “I’m Yours”.

The song will be released worldwide on Fri 27th April 2018 and will be available on all major music platforms for streaming and downloads.


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Kid Nesian Looking to Branch Out with Latest Release ‘One Kiss’


With the success of his first 2 singles performing extremely well around the South Pacific, Kid Nesian is looking to branch out to new markets with his newest offering ‘One Kiss’.


His first single ‘Stap Wantaim Yu’ was a big hit all around the South Pacific, gaining radio airplay in Australia, Samoa, Tonga, Guam, Marshall Islands + French Polynesia and ultimately reached No.4 on the Australian Top 25 Reggae Dancehall Charts. His follow up single ‘Tamine’ was also a hit and received radio airplay around Polynesia + Micronesia while reaching No.8 on the Pacific Top 20. But it was his most recent release that has really made waves, with his reggae cover of The Scorpion’s classic hit “Wind of Change” making a big splash internationally.


The song received support from major reggae websites from the US, UK, Germany and Australia and received radio airplay in Latin America and Europe. It’s also currently no.1 on the Pacific Top 20 Charts.


Though thrilled with the response to his first 3 singles and happy to know that he is helping to take PNG music to other regions, he is hoping his next single can branch out even further and can continue to reach new fans in different markets.


“Why can’t PNG music from PNG artists become popular in other countries? We have so much talent and creativity here, it would be great to have a local artist fly the flag for PNG in the music charts in countries all over the world. Hopefully Kid Nesian can begin to pave the way for local artists.” says Braden Chin, Music Division Manager for CHM Supersound.


He has become popular for his fresh sunny island reggae style, however ‘One Kiss’ is a slight departure from that signature sound of his. He describes his new release as a Reggae Love ballad with a Pop/RnB feel. He knows his fans will be surprised to hear something different to what they’re used to, but he is confident they will embrace this new sound. “Reggae is no longer just one style anymore, music today is fused with many different genres, so I wanted to try something different for my next release and I think my fans will really enjoy it” says Kid Nesian.


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Kid Nesian releases 2nd single


Fresh from the success of his debut hit single “Stap Wantaim Yu”, Kid Nesian, the 21 year old Island Reggae sensation from PNG, is ready to release the 2nd single from his upcoming EP, titled “Tamine”.

Kid Nesian (real name Brian Kepi), first became a household name in his native Papua New Guinea when he illegally entered himself into the popular singing TV competition “Digicel Stars” when he was just 14 years old. The minimum age requirement was 16, so he lied on his entry form just to get onto the show. He blew the country away with his live performances and stormed to the grand final where he ultimately finished 2nd place. He knew then, that music is what he wanted to spend the rest of his days doing.

His first single “Stap Wantaim Yu” became a bona fide hit not just in his hometown PNG, but was also a major hit around the Pacific in countries such as Guam, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, French Polynesia and Tahiti. His follow up single “Tamine”, follows a similar style with a sunny, laid back, chilled island vibe that will make you feel like you are sitting on a beautiful white sandy beach, sipping coconut juice whilst watching the sunset go down over the horizon. Fans of his first single, will definitely love his follow up track.

“I was blown away by the response to my first single, so I knew my 2nd single had to be just as good” said Kid Nesian. “I’m excited to get this new song out and I’m confident my fans will not be disappointed”.

The official music video for the song will be released the first week of June 2017.

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New Island Reggae Artist Makes His Debut – Kid Nesian


Kid Nesian (real name Brian Kepi), the 21 year old reggae sensation from Papua New Guinea who was first runner up to the Digital Stars singing competition back in 2011, has finally released his much anticipated first single “Stap Wantaim Yu” (translated to English meaning “With You”). The single was released in February, has already become a major hit all around the Pacific in countries such PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, Guam and French Polynesia and is now fast gaining momentum in other regions of the world.

Kid Nesian is the son of the lead guitarist of one of the most famous and well known pioneering bands in the Pacific during the 80’s and 90’s, the Azzazimbah band. Growing up in a musical household, Kid Nesian honed his singing abilities at his local church where his mother was also a singer and involved him in church performances.

Eager to step out of the shadows of his famous father and and create a name for himself in the music industry, Kid Nesian broke out into the music scene in PNG as a 15 year old contestant on the biggest reality TV singing competition in the Pacific. Though still finishing his high school exams at the same time, he ended up finishing 2nd place from hundreds of contestants and became a household name in the process with his flawless live show performances.

He is now ready to break out into the scene again, this time to show the world what he has got with his much anticipated first single. The song was written by himself and was recorded as a collaboration between CHM Supersound + Shefram Studios, powerhouse studios in PNG and Solomon Islands.

“Stap Wantaim Yu” is a mid-tempo, easily listening island reggae track that features breezy, laid back vibes and great production value. The music is perfectly complemented by Kid Nesian’s rich deep vocals and the uniqueness of his voice is what makes the song stand out and compels the listener to hear the message in the song. “The song is about two friends (Girl/Boy) in a friend zone relationship, the guy is in -love with the girl but is afraid to tell her to risk what they have now in case  the girl  does not feel the same way“ says Kid Nesian.

Check out the song for yourself to see why Kid Nesian’s star is quickly rising.

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